Rainbow Lightbody Magic Hands

augmented reality installation

Rainbow Lightbody Magic Hands Installation

Interactive Sculptural and Digital Installation. 18 porcelain plaster hand casts, watercolour paint. Augmented reality function featuring audio excerpts from interviews with 8 artists and virtual objects from their personal shrines: Scan the hands with the augmented reality app and listen to the embedded interviews about my subjects’ spiritual practices and unusual ideas about reality. See 3d renderings of sacred objects from their personal shrines above their fingertips.

18 Hands exhibited as part of Maia Lyon Daw’s ‘Sacred City’ at Mediamatic, Amsterdam on 21-9-20.

Interviews with:

Ruchama Noorda
Viola Renate
Jacob Kok
Randy Homoet
Coco Berzenczei
Aisha Zafirah
Linda van der Schatte Olivier
Maia Lyon Daw