Ambient & Electronic Sound Art and Performance Series, 2016-2017. In collaboration with Jonathan Chases Sleek Mink for Khurtova & Bourlanges’ ‘Cephea’s Whispering Stones; with Jasper Griepink for ‘My Wavy Sarong’; and with Sophia Cleary (LA, Penis). Performances at The Bookstore Space, Paleis van Mieris, San Serriffe (Amsterdam), PrintRoom (Rotterdam) and The Black Lodge (LA).

Khurtova & Bourlanges: ‘Sculptural translations inspired by a peculiar text dedicated to the constellation of Cephea. Playing with the double etymology of Cephea as “stone” and “head”, the duo explores the fictional narratives superimposed on natural elements like stones and earth, and attempt to give them back their own “voice”. Referring to ritual practices with healing stones, the duo experiment with touching and pouring water over recreated stones, enabling them to “whisper”. The resulting installation create a live sound scape generated by the matter itself.’

I was invited to to create a live improvised sound art piece featuring sounds I sampled from the installation. I in turn invited fellow artist Jonathan Sachse Mikkelsen as an assistant performer to create a complex live soundscape.

Cephea’s Chanting Stones Performance at Paleis van Mieris, Amsterdam