Stealing Minutes Back/ Sacred City

Video/ Installation/ Performance Triptych, 2020.
Presented on 21-09-2020 at Mediamatic, Amsterdam.

The 12d Shield Building Technique is a guided meditation developed by Sirian walk-in Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis. It is a meditation for Starseeds for protection, strength and healing. Lisa Renee states that she is a ‘multidimensional guide from Sirius’ and a ‘God-Sovereign-Free (GSF) Steward’ during this planet’s ascension cycle. Starseed TV Channel 22 Episode 1

Performance/ Costume/ Sound: Maia Lyon Daw

Blue Nebula Graphics: AA VFX

Performed live by Maia Lyon Daw on 9-11-2019 at Melanie Bonajo’s Massage Mayhem, Societeit Sexyland, Amsterdam.

Screened as part of Maia Lyon Daw’s ‘Sacred City’ at Mediamatic, Amsterdam on 21-9-2020.

‘Please sit back and enjoy the activation of your 12d platinum shield and the awakening of your unified ‘God, Sovereign, Free’ aspect. We will now send your Merkabah Star to Andromeda.’

Interviews with eight subjects about their spiritual practices and unusual ideas about reality, woven into the Rainbow Lightbody Magic Hands AR installation. Here a video still and quote by Randy Homoet, one of my subjects.