Virtual Initiations: Hacking the Metaverse for Primordial Purposes

The Feeling Internet Group Show, Mediamatic Fabriek, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2014. Live Virtual Performance via web link from Santa Barbara, California. Duration: 60 mins. Click here for full programme information.

The participant is provided with a blank avatar with which they can navigate the confined virtual space. Three doors represent three areas of my psyche which they can enter. My avatar will guide them along this journey through the rooms and perform a virtual ritual, communicating by IM.

Virtual reality can be construed as a mirroring and outpouring of the psyche. Your avatar is an extension of your own body, a vessel in which you can interact with the simulated environment. This exercise is a virtual initiation into my psyche in which I will show you a window through which you can enter my inner world. I will plant a seed of my thoughts, ideals, my experience and my reality in your psyche as a gift to take away with you. I will guide you through a healing ritual and give you a virtual stone. It matters not that the experience and the object you receive is but a virtual token, it is in the intention that the power lies. After this the experience and the virtual object will exist as an intangible idea seed in your psyche. You must reach down to that place in your psyche where the gift is stored. This is the place of MAGIC: the sacred space for the sculpting of new worlds.