Video collage, 2016. Screened at the EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam on 03-05-2016; Roef Festival, Amsterdam on 09-09-2016; Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag on 24-09-2016; at Reykjavik International Film Festival from 29-09 till 09-10-2016; as part of ‘Ways of Seeing The Future’ at Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts AMNUA, Nanjing, China from 26-10 till 25-11-18; and at Power Station of Art Museum (PSA), Shanghai, during ‘ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair’, China from 23-10 till 24-11-19.

Tekno made by birds, for the collection ‘Communication With The Non-Human’ curated by the Dutch artist Melanie Bonajo.