Happy Harpcore

Various Venues, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2008-2009. Collaboration with Brian D McKenna as part of ‘The Wolf, Death and the Acorn’ performance series. Experimental Noise Performances with Ritual & Projection. These video excerpts are from Rietveld in de Oude Kerk Opening Night, Amsterdam, 2009 & OCCII, Amsterdam, 2009. Duration: 15 minutes.

The Wolf, Death & the Acorn

‘The Wolf, Death and the Acorn’ Performance Series (2008-2012) was a series dynamic multi-media events with ritual, installation, projections, song and percussion. Multiple collaborators were assigned with specific roles resulting in truly immersive events. The performances constantly evolved and adapted to embrace each new audience and context. The intention was to break the division of the spectator and the spectacle, by involving the public and literally initiating them into the present moment through absurd composite rituals drawing on real and imagined traditions. The performances also sought to continuously break expectations, which was most evident with the experimental harp-noise performances. Sights, sounds, smells and visuals all designed to lure the public to attention. The rituals were incorporated specifically to mark and honour the ‘NOW’ in all its newness as distinct from the before and after, adding sharpened definition to the melee of mundane experience.

Maia Lyon Daw: Vocals, Bouzouki, Omnichord, Harp, Noise, rituals.

Janicka Ravenhirst: Owl Goddess
Jonathan Sachse Mikkelsen: Drums, Percussion
Yutaka Hoshino: Ukelele, Bass, ritual assistant
Prana Estu: Vocals, Stylophone, Korg Electribe, ritual assistant
Kristinn Guðmundsson: Vocals, Mouth Harp, Percussion, ritual assistant
Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen: Mouth Harp, Bells, ritual assistant
Peter Sattler: Vocals, Mouth Harp, Percussion, ritual assistant
Cécile Tafanelli: Vocals, Keys, ritual assistant
Sophia Cleary: Small Noise Generator, Vocals
Steinunn Jónsdóttir: ritual assistant
Lot Meijers: Drums, ritual assistant
Roos Blogg: Bass, ritual assistant
Sandra Nanteza: ritual assistant
Brian D McKenna: Noise
Nele Aunap: Drums

Interview with Ruis Magazine (March 2010)