Peering into the Prism of Lyra – Part I

Peering into the Prism of Lyra is a short film portrait of a young woman who is an ordained high priestess witch and yogini. She takes us on a journey into her natural environment, the dunes of Schoorl, and performs a ritual to the elements. Further to this, she shares her secrets on manifestation magic and explains her connection to the Andromeda galaxy system, communicating with her star family there through the use of crystal skulls.

The title is derived from the cult book ‘The Prism of Lyra’ by Lyssa Royal-Holt, who explores the galactic heritage of starseeds, those incarnate on earth with origins in different star systems.

Concept & Direction: Maia Lyon Daw
Element Ritual & Point of View: Aisha Zafirah
Cinematography: Jeroen van der Poel
NL, 2022, 21 minutes

22 October 2022- Coaxial Arts, Los Angeles
25 October 2022- MacPhail Theatre, Ullapool
2 April 2023- Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam
21 April 2023- Mahara, Amsterdam