Freedom Forest

Mediamatic Bank, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2010. Performance with Installation, Music, Song & Rituals. Duration: 30 mins.

An absurd and elaborate ritual performance centred around a living shrine, as part of the ‘The Wolf, Death and the Acorn’ performance series. With six colleagues (in the guise of ritual assistants) I took the audience on an initiatory journey through a melange of ritual and archetypes driven by shamanic drums. Exploring the five esoteric elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and ‘Akasha’ and the three worlds of Animal, Plant and Mineral represented by the Owl Olive Quartz Goddess. With music and song, aided by Yutaka Hoshino, Jonathan Sachse Mikkelsen, Lot Meijers, Peter Sattler, Kristinn Guðmundsson and Janicka Ravenhirst.

‘Descending into the violet abyss we declare our allegiance to the Great Auspicion. With fluttering drums we invoke the energies of the elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth and the primordial Akasha. Singing praise to liberty amongst the mighty oaks of Freedom Forest. -Plant your acorns now- For that mighty oak, that mighty oak- Tree of life in you and me- Above, below in harmony- Within you see- That mighty oak you are.’

Commodity Globe

Goleb Project Space as part of ‘The Amsterdam Dinner Movement’, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2011. Collaboration with Cécile Tafanelli. Performance with Installation, Music, Song & Rituals. Duration: 10 mins.

Inspired by the recent ‘Occupy’ protests against corporate greed, emphasizing individual responsibility for our planet.

‘A single black snowflake punctures the sky,
Dark horses are moving, chasing the night;
Their midnight regulations have not escaped our gaze,
They left us for snowblind, but we are not to be fazed;
My body the temple, every cell is an eye,
Your thoughts frozen solid, I thaw them with mine;
We all make this future while you die in the past,
Now is the dawning of freedom at last.’